Are you are a natural extroverted person with a dream of becoming a pro wrestler and maybe making it big? Do you have what it takes to go into Dungeon style training and find the buried treasure that is wrestling superstardom? Are you dedicated enough to put work in on your own time and pay your dues and do whatever necessary to succeed? If you answered yes to these questions then you are ready to start your new career. Your success in pro wrestling depends only on your desire to excel in the sport. The BOTTOM LINE is now you can fulfill your desire and train at Hart Bros University the most affordable elite pro wrestling training center on earth At HBU we have a number of options for you to succeed: be they our regular training camp for rookies,advanced training for pros or our mobile seminars For Advanced training for pros and seminars contact us at hartbrosuniversity@gmail .com or 403 288 2031 our office or HBU Facebook fan page.

We have 3 types of courses at HBU


In this course the emphasis is on the basic fundamentals ie the correct way to take land ,timing,how to build a match and how to pace it and above all Safety. you will learn various drills and be given Continuous evaluation by the Trainers Bruce Hart Bruce Hart Jr and Torrie Hart.

The course will cover the basic holds and throws and reversals.Ring technique,Basic ring psychology and Safety and after the Basic training you will fully understand Self confidence,Discipline,Goal Setting,Mental Toughness Sportsmanship and Competitiveness

Classes run 4 sessions of 3 hours in our facilities in Calgary Canada. The basic course runs for 6 weeks Note there are only 10 openings per session Next available sessions run Aug 27 – Oct 27, 2014.

Cost of the Rookie Development Course is $1495 Can incl gst We have a special Web price til Sept 30,2014 of only $997 Can You will receive a letter of certification that you completed this course. You can upgrade to Flex upon completion of our Rookie Course.

2. FLEX:

Our standard HBU course which most people choose and the one we most recommend.This course is like our ROOKIE DEVELOPMENT COURSE but much more intensive. In addition to learning the basic fundamentals FLEX provides the following:

– Training for up to ONE YEAR free upon completion of this course.

– Learning how to do Great Power Moves,and Complex holds and counter holds

– Developing a distinct wrestling persona and style Interview and microphone training And much much more!

The basic FLEX course runs for 3 months of 4 sessions per week and training for the rest of the year free.

Next course start Aug 27, 2014 Cost of the FLEX course $2995 Cad incl gst Web price til Sept 30, 2014 $2495 Can includes gst Bring a friend in for either the ROOKIE DEVELOPMENT course or FLEX and automatically get another 10% discount. You can upgrade to Platinum course, AKA the Stu Hart course upon completion of our Flex Course.


This is the elite course of HBU This course provides LIFETIME training with HBU You will get the ultimate training package with PLATINUM You will get all the basic training you need from our FLEX program but upon graduation that includes also:

– One pair of custom made Stagecoach,ASH, or RD wrestling boots

– One custom personal website to promote yourself

– Video Analysis of your holds,throws and power moves

– Guaranteed one on one training with head trainer Bruce Hart

– An opportunity to receive guest training from some of the top names in wrestling as well as by past legends.

-Opportunity to be a guest on HART BEAT radio on or a cohost on the show.

– Additional networking opportunities with various promotions.

The one time cost of the PLATINUM course incl gst is $4995 CAN Financing available on this course So you choose whats best for you. By the way people applying with accomplished athletic backgrounds-amateur or professional- will be eligible for exclusive discounts too. Please go to the contact page and give us a shout Simply fill out the info required as well make sure you are available for a physical and we will see you at the top! We also have courses in Wrestling Referee and Manager training as well as a 7 day boot camp course geared towards established wrestlers who wish to take their careers to the next level. Also have other combative sports course links to those interested in working with our partners.


Our Standards

FLEX our standard HBU course which most people choose and the one we most recommend.